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This journey is a lifelong compilation of stories carefully gathered together into a bundle of bone, blood, passion and pain. 

Multiple lives lived within one lifetime.


This truth, a parcel that we all hold. 


Myself included. 


For many of my early years, I lived a life that was out of alignment from the truest expression of who I truly am. This life was filled with darkness, pain and so much sadness. During this time of my history, I searched endlessly for love, comfort and relief. But I had not yet gained the wisdom that these things that I longed for so ardently would never be found outside of myself. This knowledge would come later. 


During the baptism of my Saturn Return, that life died alongside a poisoned marriage. For the first time I gathered the courage to look within. The truth that rose to the surface of my awareness was the Divine message that if I were to live, I must now save myself. 


I let all of the parts of myself that would constantly put the approval of others over my own love, safety, self worth and confidence, die a welcomed, yet painful death. And in the wake, I birthed a new life for myself.      


I entered into a new, loving and nourishing marriage and embraced the archetype of Mother as I ushered my first babe Earthside. Within a year, I could feel another soul calling out to me and soon she joined me. Months into her pregnancy, we realized that the egg had implanted in my fallopian tube and that there was no viable path forward for us, together. 


The trauma of losing her filled me with an unshakeable sorrow and waves of deep grief unlike anything I had experienced before. This, another baptism by death. One that catapulted me into the new and unforeseen life trajectory of Soul healing. In the years to follow, I would slowly birth myself into my next life. 


During the contractions between death and rebirth, I was blessed with a flash of inner knowing that I needed to study the art of massage therapy - something that had never crossed my mind before that moment. 


Within a month, I had found Three Oaks Academy, quit my corporate job and eagerly fell into the nourishing embrace of my teachers and colleagues. It was there, within that sanctuary that I found yoga, meditation, tarot, energy healing and slowly my own intuitive gifts began to blossom. 


It was during the years that I spent working with the Academy that the spirit of the babe I had lost began to call back out to me once more. I became pregnant and this time, she found her way into the portal of my sacred womb. As her body grew and developed, my heart and soul began to heal. 


After becoming licensed in the state of Idaho as a massage therapist, I created my own practice, the name of which intuitively flowed toward me: Ancient Evolution. 


My education has not ceased since. I mentored under the gifted local psychic Erin Mackley, who taught me how to get in touch with and embrace my growing intuitive gifts. 


I studied under the mentorship of Alua Arthur of Going with Grace to become a certified Death Doula - an unforgettable experience that taught me so much about the preciousness of both life and death.


I became a lifelong student of the Cosmos through the medium of Astrology. 


During this life, I have worked as an Intuitive Guide offering energy and sound healing to women in our community. I offered Intuitive Massage for those needing to be physically, emotionally and energetically held. 


I worked alongside Jenn Crawford of Sacred Element Life hosting workshops and retreats. And together with Jenn and Katee Cook, we created Moonlight Sisterhood, a women’s New and Full Moon Circle community.


The downpour of 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic brought to me yet another death of a life I had been previously living. Circumstance and a deep, visceral Knowing led me to the decision to close the doors of my practice and I entered into a deep Dark Night of the Soul. A long, arduous process of releasing and shedding many beloved identities. (Sometimes kicking and screaming along the way.) Continually practicing Surrender and the art of Allowing. 


During this long, Dark Night, I found a grounding rod in the work of Lee Harris and his channeled messages and solace in knowing that if I always returned to my Heart, I would survive any obstacle that lay before me. 


I began to study sacred Archetypes and mentor within the Red Moon Mystery School, claiming my own sacred archetype of the Venus Christ Heart Alchemist and the Sacred Storyteller. 


I found the sacred gospel of Mary Magdalene, which felt to me like the sweetest homecoming. Her teachings and the teachings of the Ascended Master Yeshua became an anchor point for me as I began birthing myself out of the dark womb I had been transforming within and out into the new life that awaits me, as Priestess of the Sacred Rose and Dragon Lines. 


It is here that I walk forward. Hand in hand with the God/Goddess, to continue to do the work of Humanity and the Divine. Intricately interwoven, connected as one unending infinity loop.


My Soul purpose, to love. To be love. To show love. To embody love. 

Many blessings to you, dear heart, as you navigate your own many lifetimes. 

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