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The Intuitive Guidance that I specialize in focuses on moving, releasing and balancing energy during times of transition and change in an effort to support you as you expand and progress on your own evolutionary path. 

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  • Channeled messages from The Guides focused on your questions and intentions. 

60 Minute Session

Available in person & remotely via Skype.



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  • Channeled messages from The Guides focused on your questions and intentions.

  • Personalized sound healing with the use of crystal and metal singing bowls, drums, rattles and gong. 

  • Integrate Star Consciousness with the use of the Egyptian Healing Rods.

75 Minute Session

Available in person only.




"My session with Ky was eye opening! She is very tuned into Spirit and her own intuition. She answered all of the questions that I had, and was able to give me the advice I needed to help me, energetically. Before our session, I was pretty anxious, but by the time I left, I felt lighter and filled with love and light. Her advice has helped me to work on a lot of things that I wasn’t sure how to tackle. I am so thankful for our session, and I will definitely be back!"

– Kristina M.

"I went into my Intuitive Chakra healing session very nervous. Ky talked to me before our session began so that I would know what to expect. Shortly after we began, she grounded me into Mother Earth and I instantly felt comfortable. I had such a good experience and was so at peace with myself. I definitely would recommend her to others, and I plan to someday have another session!" – Mallory M.

“Working with Ky has been an amazing experience. Being new to energy work, I am so grateful to have found Ky early in my journey. Ky skillfully uses a combination of techniques to create a holistic and well balanced approach to healing. Her ability to connect with the energies around her and interpret messages has helped me gain new insight and access to my higher self. Her genuine and insightful nature coupled with her many skills makes Ky a valuable practitioner.”

– Hannah C.

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