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Life Cycle Study

Discover your current position within the ever revolving, concentric circles of the human-spirit life cycles. 

You Receive

  • Your current place on the 10 phase, 70 year life cycle. Learn the meaning of this 7 year phase and what you can expect as you progress through these years.

  • The year you are currently living through, within the larger 7  year cycle. Learn the meaning of this year and how you can utilize its energy to naturally align with the ebbs and flows of this cycle. 

  • Your current progressed Moon phase. This is based off of your personal astrology. Learn what significant life phase you are in, how to identify its potential and what upcoming years will be important ones for your spiritual evolution. 

  • A PDF diagram of your current cycles that you may print out. 

  • A PDF print out to help you track your  body's moon cycles, the spiritual meaning of each phase of menstruation and guidance on how you can utilize your monthly cycles for manifestation alongside the phases of the lunar cycle. 

    *Your birth date, time and place is required for this product.


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personal transits & progressions

Want to dive deeper into what your year ahead may hold for you?

Get a glimpse into the external & internal energy you will move through, shown by your personal transits, and secondary progressions. 

You Receive

  • A comprehensive list of your major personal transits for the next 12 months.

    This will include 30° transits of the mid & outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron & the houses highlighted.


  • A comprehensive list of your major secondary progressions for the next 12 months. 

    This will include 30° progressions of the inner planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars & the houses highlighted.


  • A PDF print out of simple, yet functional descriptions for:

    What transits and progressions are and how you can utilize them for spiritual evolution.

    Each planet's energetic footprint and how you can use that planet's energy to help you navigate the year ahead. 

    Each 30° aspect and what it means for the communication of the two planets involved.   

    The houses of the zodiac & what area of life they may be highlighting for you.


  • A PDF workbook to help you track your transits and progressions throughout the year. 

    *Your birth date, time and place is required for this add on.



** These studies are completed individually for you, by me, with love. They are not automated and as such, please allow 2 business days to receive.**

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