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Renew, Revive and Transform

I imagine some of you are curled up in bed, reading this on your phone or tablet. Still recovering from an epic New Year’s Eve bash…

…your energy not quite back to full strength, but slowly and steadily it’s growing…

…returning to its normal pulsing rhythm.

I imagine you’re still reflecting on the night’s events…

…the fresh memory of the tangible excitement of tradition…

…the air, so full of the electricity – fueled by hope and the promise of new beginnings - that you can damn near reach out and touch it!

The jovial cheers and boisterous shouts of, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” still ringing in your ears…

…and the memory of a stolen kiss under a confetti filled sky.

And then…. just like that, another year is handed over to the past and a new one is born.

The beginning of a new year is a wondrous and magical time…

It’s the only time of the year that we allow ourselves to feel unbridled excitement and optimism for what the New Year will bring our way. In the passing of one night, we put to bed everything that we’ve experienced in the past year and we embrace the light air of possibility and hope.

We think to ourselves, “It’s a brand new year and anything can happen!”

And the best part is… WE’RE RIGHT!

We have the power to be the creators of our own life.

We make the decisions that propel us forward. We have all of the threads of potential and possibility at our fingertips. We can shape our own life and affect the world by consciously choosing which threads we will use in our life’s design. And NOW, at the turn of the year, is the time to choose your threads and choose them wisely!

Have you ever wondered why so many people wait until New Years to set resolutions?

It’s because at this time, the energy of the changing of years, set in the heart of Winter is a powerful catalyst for regeneration and revival.

We can feel it and we want to use it!

To superficial eyes, Winter looks cold and unforgiving. A time when the heartbeat of the Earth itself begins to slow. Trees shed their leaves and plant life dies.

Rivers and lakes harden, cocooning themselves in a shell of ice. Animals seek shelter, hibernating until the harsh season has passed. The land covered in a thick blanket of snow.

But if you look deeper…if you look beyond the barren trees and the cold, ice, and snow, you’ll find the calming energy of the season.

Winter is a time of rest and renewal… a time of reflection.

There’s a reason all you feel like doing is curling up on the couch with your journal or a good book!

The Earth is sending us a message to embrace the stillness of the season with a calm and thankful heart…

…to be patient, to endure, and to listen to the silence while we await the new sun.

She’s giving us the promise of change and rebirth.

Underneath all of that ice and snow, the Earth is preparing for Spring. She may be resting, but she’s not asleep. She’s steadying herself for the growth and transformation that will surely happen.

When the days get longer and the sun warms and thaws the land, she’ll be prepared to blossom and grow with the refreshing breath that Spring brings.

Now is the time for us to do the same.

Use the coming weeks to prepare yourself for the fruitful possibilities of the rest of the year.

Ask yourself two questions:

“What did I learn from last year?” and “What do I need from this year?”

Take note that the question is not “What do I want?” but rather, “What do I need?”

What do you need in order for you to be the best version of yourself?

Discern the difference between the wants and the needs.

Listen to your heart without judgement. The answers that you find may surprise you.

Perhaps you want more collaboration in your life with others, but you find that what you need is more creativity.

So instead of focusing on more collaboration, you start incorporating things into your day that promote a creative spirit within you.

Others see that creative spark and they will be drawn toward it. Pretty soon, you’ve got the collaboration that you wanted by giving yourself the creativity that you needed.

The very act of asking these questions will create a whole new set of possible outcomes.

You have the power to choose what the New Year will hold for you.

Ponder and align what feels right for your life at this moment.

Embrace the calm of this Winter season and prepare for the electric movement that will be born, come Spring.

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