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Health as a Priority

I would like to help you shine a light into the areas of life that, if cultivated and tended to, will open your body and mind in ways that promote only happiness and health.

And when you have happiness and health, success will surely follow.

To me, health is well-being. It’s physical, mental, and emotional. Health is living from a space of truth.

Your truth is where you are not only meant to be, but where you thrive in such a way that it inspires others to thrive also.

This is the space that you need to cultivate, to build and grow and to run your business from.

This is where your passion and drive are waiting for you to come over and simply pick them up and use them.

Easier said than done, am I right?

Define what well-being looks like for you.

Health and well-being will look different for everyone. As it should…we are all different people!

For me, well-being means a balance of body, mind and spirit.

It means doing yoga and running, it means meditation and journaling. It means sharing space with others who fill me up and also spending time alone to nurture and honor my spirit. This is my self-care.

When life gets busy as it tends to do, and you fall out of self-care habits, you will start to notice your energy is lowering and your emotional disconnect rising.

Emotional disconnect can look like so many things. (We’re all different, remember?)

It’s the ugly face of stress, its sadness and depression, its envy. Its greed and indifference.

So when you start feeling these emotions, it may be time to ask yourself:

Who are you letting take over? Your Ego or your Heart?

Ego is defined as, “A consciously thinking subject.”

It’s how your mind is compulsively thinking thought after thought so frequently that it’s to your body’s detriment.

“Your mind is an instrument, a tool. It is there to be used for a specific task, and when that task is completed, you lay it down.” – Eckhart Tolle

Heart space is where the truly great ideas come from. The ones that feel like chemistry and magic.

Heart space is feeling full, it’s love and compassion and being genuine. Its passion and generosity.

When people get stuck living in that Ego world, they have a harder time finding their truth.

If you are letting Ego take over, and you are only listening to the loud noises of stress, responsibility, burdens, comparison, pressure, doubt, (the list can go on forever)... then how would you ever be able to hear the subtleties of your heart space?

Cultivate your well-being practice within your daily life so that you can hear what your heart is trying to tell you.

Your heart is like a garden and things like worry, fear, and comparison are the weeds that can grow when you are not looking.

Tend to your heart garden. Plant things that help you connect to your truth and pull out the things that take you away from it.

Be a heart gardener.

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