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Gemini New Moon: The Storm

“Be truthful, gentle and fearless.” – Ghandi

Legends that have sprouted from the seeds of Greek mythology can often times be a touch risqué.

The tale of the Twins is no different.

Their story begins with the beautiful Leda, the wife of the King of Sparta.

The mighty god Zeus saw her beauty and was determined to have her. He knew that if he approached Leda in his godly form, she would run from him, frightened.

So he transformed into a magnificent swan.

In this form, he was able to charm and ultimately seduce her.

From this union, Leda bore two eggs.

Within one egg, the twins Castor and Pollux were born.

The other, Helen of Troy and her sister and Clytemnestra.

Castor and Clytemnestra were mortals as they were fathered by the King of Sparta.

Whilst Pollux and Helen were immortal as they were fathered by Zeus.

The twins grew into great warriors. Castor known for his horsemanship and Pollux for his strength.

They were inseparable and went on many adventures together, known for being lively and high-spirited young men.

One fateful night, the Twins embarked on a mission to claim a herd of cattle that had been stolen from them by two thieves.

Castor climbed a tree to keep a look out, while Pollux began to free the cattle.

The thieves, aware of the ploy, ambushed Castor and struck him with a spear, fatally wounding him.

Pollux in turn, killed the man who injured his beloved brother.

Just as the second thief was about to fatally injure Pollux, Zeus struck him with a lightning bolt, killing the foe and saving his son.

Pollux pleaded with Zeus to also save Castor.

Zeus gave him the choice of either returning to Mount Olympus, where he would spend all of his days, or splitting his immortality with his brother.

Pollux chose this path and the twins, from that moment forward, split their lives, spending half on Olympus and half in Hades.

Zeus rewarded the brother’s great love for each other by placing them in the sky as stars.

They shine in the constellation of Gemini.

Side by side.

Together for all of eternity.

We have just entered into this zodiac sign.

The Gemini New Moon will happen on the 25th and it brings us a stormy energy.

The new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

This particular moon is going to bring forth the darker side of Gemini.

It will present us with opportunities to face our shadows, yet with a logical and rational mind.

Our vision will not be clouded with sentiment, allowing us to see things clearly.

However, we may not like what we see.

The primary aspects for this moon are enveloped in Saturn’s interaction with other planets.

Saturn, the planet of limitation and Mercury, the planet of intellect and reason are in a position that can make us feel like we’re backed into a corner.

You may find yourself in scenarios where you feel like you have to literally or figuratively fight your way out.

This position creates tension and has a tendency to lean toward negative thinking, but it also forces you to grow through problem solving.

Saturn is also in opposition with Mars, the planet of drive, ambition and energy.

This aspect will make us feel as if we’re being pulled in two different directions.

Or that our trajectory is being stifled by outside circumstance and limitations beyond our control.

The way out is in the middle…by strategic compromise.

Additionally, the sun and moon are in conjunction, which means that they’re virtually sitting on top of each other.

The sun represents your true self, who you are as a person, while the moon rules your emotions and intuition.

This aspect will serve to intensify the energy between these two luminaries.

As you move forward if you run into scenarios that make your progress feel hindered, you may find that these experiences are making you feel imbalanced and unstable.

This aspect may even ask you to look into the core of who you are as a person.

Are there things that need to be adjusted or changed in order to propel yourself forward toward your life goals?

If there are, these things will surely come to light during this lunar cycle.

This can be the perfect time to change old habits and behaviors as it provides you with a platform to reinvent yourself in a way that promotes future progress.

New moon cycles usually give us a burst of energy and are the perfect time to plant seeds of intention, as this lunar phase is filled with growth and expansion.

Normally, I would suggest writing down intentions, creating affirmations and vision boards for the goals that you want to work on during this cycle.

However, because of the energy that Gemini is presenting, we’re being asked to look inward instead of projecting our desired outward into the world.

We’re being asked to find out what is truly important to us.

This is a time to get in touch with your hopes and dreams.

To find out what needs to be prioritized in order to reach them.

It’s a time to dive deep into our self and take a long hard look at what needs to be adjusted and realigned.

To stare into the face the shadows of resistance that we all carry.

To acknowledge that they’re there, and to tell them that they will not hold us down any longer.

Sending love and light during this time of shadow.

“Be truthful, gentle and fearless.” – Ghandi

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