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Harness the Power of the New Moon In Cancer

The story of the constellation of Cancer begins with Hera, a Goddess of Olympus and the wife of Zeus.

Hera had a jealous and vindictive heart.

When she learned that Zeus had fathered a child with a mortal woman, rage blossomed within her.

She vowed to destroy the child, named Hercules.

There were many attempts made on his life, all orchestrated by Hera. But his incredible strength allowed him to survive each attack.

Years passed and Hercules grew to become a demi-god known, far and wide, for his strength and heroic feats.

One fateful night, Hera cast a spell of madness on Hercules, causing him to lose his mind in temporary insanity.

In this state of blind rage, Hercules killed his wife and children.

When he awoke from the curse and realized what he had done, agonizing grief overcame him and he fled to the Oracle of Delphi in search of redemption.

Even this attempt to absolve his sins was foiled by Hera. She influenced the Oracle in order to punish him further.

He was ordered to serve King Eurystheus, a lesser man in status, doing as he ordered for ten years.

It was during this time of servitude that Hercules was tasked with, and completed the famous “twelve labors”.

One of which was to slay the nine-headed monster, Hydra.

During his battle with Hydra, Hera sent a giant crab to aid the serpent against Hercules.

But Hercules was so strong that he killed the crab by smashing its shell with his foot, and went on to slay Hydra.

That night, as a reward for its valiant service, Hera placed the crab’s image amongst the stars.

And the constellation of Cancer was born.

We have just entered into this zodiac sign.

The new moon in Cancer will occur on the 23rd and brings us a bright, invigorating and innovative energy.

It gives us the ability to think outside of the box.

Imagine a crab walking in sand.

The crab does not walk straight forward, like other crustaceans.

It walks sideways, in a fashion that is different from the norm, yet the most beneficial for him.

This is the energy of Cancer.

It helps us to look at an aspect of our lives from a completely different angle.

To move through problems in a way that is advantageous for us.

But the movement of the crab is not all that is represented with this sign.

The crab carries a hard outer shell to protect his soft underbelly.

This energy brings us the ability to be compassionate and also provides us with metaphorical armor to keep us safe.

It’s a balance of being sensitive and smart.

To be able to be empathetic toward others, without letting them take advantage of your kindness.

The primary aspect for this moon comes with its close alignment to Mercury, the planet of ideas, communication and transportation.

I’ve talked before about the negative aspects that Mercury Retrograde brings. Well, this is the exact opposite.

The moon is in a promising position, still being located within the Gemini constellation, which rules Mercury.

The sun’s alignment with Mercury emphasizes the thinking and communication aspects of this planet.

That means that it will be a very busy time, mentally. The wheels inside your head will be working overtime, cranking out idea after idea.

And you’ll find that you want to talk about those ideas too.

The Cancer-Mercury alignment makes it the perfect time for making long term plans, bargaining and solidifying new business deals.

You’ll be thinking and expressing yourself clearly, which will enable you to negotiate those plans and deals in a way that will be beneficial yet simultaneously protective of future fall out.

Because Cancer is a very sensitive sign, I’d also like to touch on the emotional aspects that will be presented with this moon cycle.

Last month’s moon in Gemini helped us clear out old emotions and habits that were no longer serving our higher good.

This month’s moon in Cancer helps us to redefine those aspects of our lives, from a completely new perspective.

It also provides us the freedom to allow ourselves to be nourished through emotional connection.

You may find that you are more sociable this month.

That you gravitate toward situations where you can connect with others on a deeper level.

This socializing air can be incredibly rewarding, because the openness and understanding of the Cancer energy will promote new, and strengthen already existing friendships.

Cancer’s social energy, makes this the perfect time to share ideas and make new plans.

Because this moon is pulling in the energy of Mercury, it will be beneficial for you to get all of those great ideas down on paper.

When we write our ideas down, we are taking the first step in bringing them into a tangible, physical form.

Here are a few different ways that you can do that:

  • Make A List: Simply write a list of things that you want to see for your business. Areas where you want to expand or partnerships that you want to form.

  • Create A Vision Board: For those of you who have an artistic mind, try creating a vision board. Cut out pictures and words from magazines or draw images that align with the direction you want to go.

  • Write Your Affirmations: Come up with one or two goals that you want to focus on for the next four weeks. Write them down in present tense, maybe beginning with, “I am” or “I have”. An example may look something like: “I have built a new and prosperous partnership with likeminded entrepreneurs.”

One you have created your list or your vision board, share it.

This is the prominent focus of this moon cycle. Think, share and create.

Once you start sharing your ideas and talking about them with friends, family and colleagues, you’ll notice your ideas beginning to take shape in a more tangible form.

So, don’t be shy about your bright ideas this month!

Discuss your plans for the future, bounce ideas off of others and create something amazing!

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