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The Paradox of Synchronicity

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” – Carl Jung

I would like to tell you a story.

One of passion, love, betrayal, death and ultimately rebirth.

This is the legend of the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

However, her story begins with her husband, Osiris, the God of Resurrection.

Her soulmate.

Together they were the epitome of love and connection.

Osiris was a king who is best known for giving Egypt civilization.

Her brother Set, the God of Darkness, coveted his power.

Fueled by the desire to usurp the throne, Set murdered Osiris.

He sealed his body within a coffin of cedar and threw it in the Nile.

When Isis learned of this horrid deed, she was overcome with grief. She had the coffin returned to Egypt so that she could mourn over her lost love.

Set discovered the coffin and upon breaking it open, he tore Osiris’ body into fourteen pieces, scattering them across the land.

Isis, along with the help of her sister, found thirteen of the pieces. The last was lost to them, as it had been consumed by a creature of the Nile.

With the help of magic, Isis reassembled the body, using wax for the final missing piece.

She cast a spell over Osiris that would bring life back into his body for only one night.

On that night, they conceived Horus, the Sky God, who eventually grew to take the place of Ra, as King of all the Gods.

Isis has been revered for centuries as the Goddess of the Divine Feminine. This title encompassing the roles of wife, mother, healer and magician.

Over the past seven months, I have been experiencing synchronicity with this Goddess.

Synchronicity is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but having no discernible causal connection.

It’s a series of extraordinary coincidences that we find meaningful.

Back in February, I was conducting some research on different Goddess archetypes from cultures, mythology and folklore from around the world.

When I read about the Goddess Isis, I felt a sort of kinship with her.

Like her, I am a mother, a wife and an energetic healer.

The more I learned about her, the more I felt a comradeship with the energy that surrounds her legend.

It felt as though I had welcomed a long lost sister back home.

Oddly enough, following my learning of her story, I began seeing her everywhere.

Here are some of the synchronicities that I experienced:

  • I bought a book on moon cycles that showed me that the Cancer Full Moon is ruled by the Goddess Isis. Cancer is my astrological moon sign.

  • I attended a healing ceremony and one of the essential oils used was the same blend associated with the scents of Isis.

  • I was skimming an article on ancestral healing, a topic that is not generally associated with Egyptian mythology, and she was briefly mentioned within the article.

  • I went to a store to buy some incense and a few other items, and after I finished paying, I noticed I had a coupon in my purse for $5 off. I wanted to use it, but had already completed the transaction. I looked to my left and hanging from a stand was one solitary Isis pendant, the cost was exactly $5 and I was able to take it home free of charge.

These experiences have been significant enough that they caused me to stop and take notice.

They also keep occurring every few days.

They’re providing me with a window, so that I can look deeper into their meaning and ultimately my own consciousness.

How can you recognize when you’re being shown a synchronicity?

There are several different ways that these happy coincidences appear to us, most of the time through signs, symbols and numerical clusters.

  1. Signs: A sign is represented as any object, action, event or pattern that conveys meaning and points to something definite or tangible. For example, let’s say that you have plans to go to a bookstore to buy a specific book. Right before you are to leave the house, you see a coupon in the mail for that exact book, for use of online purchases only. Instead of driving to the bookstore, you buy the book online, to get the discount. Later that day, you hear on the news that there was a car accident on the same street that you would have taken, at the exact time you would have been driving to the bookstore. It would have been likely that you would have been involved in that accident. In this example, the coupon served as a synchronistic sign, because it changed the course of action that you took.

  2. Symbols: A symbol is an object, image, situation or event that represents something else. Its full meaning may be obvious, or it may require a little more work and reflection to determine. Their purpose is to provide us with messages and clues about the patterns in our lives. My synchronicities with the Goddess Isis have been coming to me as symbols.

  3. Numerical Clusters: In my experience, numerical clusters are the easiest types of synchronicities to identify. It’s likely that at some point you’ve seen these as well. They come to us as groups of the same number, like 111, 222, 333 etc. or could even be your favorite number or a number that is significant to you. I often see the number 613 repeated. I notice it when I look at a clock and its 6:13pm, or when I look down at the page number of a book I’m reading and it’s on page 613. This number is significant to me because I was born on June 13th, (6/13).

When we recognize these types of events as meaningful, we open ourselves to new information and ultimately new possibilities.

If we shrug off coincidences as insignificant, then we miss opportunities to look deeper into an area of life that may need extra attention.

So now that we have started to recognize these synchronicities in our life, what do we do with them?

It’s like we’ve been given a cosmic puzzle and now we need to figure out what the universe is trying to tell us.

Are we being given a confirmation that we’re on the right path?

Or maybe a warning that we need to change our direction?

Developing your awareness is key in deciphering your own synchronicities.

  1. Keep Track of Them: Anytime that you experience a synchronistic event, write it down in a journal or type it up on a Word document. Log the time, date and place of the event. If other people were involved, write their names and if they noticed the synchronicity as well. Write down what signs, symbols or clusters were involved.

  2. Find the Emotional Connection: Synchronicities are deeply intertwined with our emotions and they urge us to dive into parts of our consciousness that we may not have paid much attention to previously. Note how you felt at that moment. What were you doing? What were you thinking about? What was your mood?

  3. Recognize How It Can Be Meaningful: Does the event affirm something you’ve been feeling, doing or thinking? Does it transmit a message to you that you recognize? Is it trying to point you toward a new path? Does it offer you insight on an underlying pattern that you’ve developed in life? Once you recognize the meaning, then you can follow the clues to see where they lead you.

Over time, you will begin to notice that you experience synchronicities surrounding particular themes in your life.

The synchronicities that I have been experiencing with the Goddess Isis have always occurred while I was thinking about or working on a specific project.

This project is designed to share the knowledge of our ancestors with that of the next generation, our children.

Here is what I was doing when I experienced those synchronicities.

  • I was at the healing ceremony when I realized that I wanted to incorporate my children into the passing of knowledge and ritual that I was experiencing at that moment.

  • When I was reading the article on ancestral healing, I was thinking of how that type of healing could benefit subsequent generations.

  • The book on moon cycles is one that I use in a children centered full moon gathering that I host.

  • Finally, I had gone to the store to buy supplies for this moon gathering when I ended up taking home the Isis pendant.

I have deciphered these synchronicities as an affirmation that I am indeed on the right path and that the work that I am doing will benefit not only my own children, but others as well.

Start paying attention to the coincidences in your life.

Are they actually synchronicities?

Are they trying to get your attention?

Are they also affirmations of your own path?

Once you begin to see and acknowledge these magical little clues, your life will begin to align in ways that you never would have thought possible before.

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