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4 Ways To Navigate Negative Energy

“Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative…being positive means overcoming the negative.” – Ralph Marston

When I first began my work as an Intuitive Healer, there was a woman who would come into the clinic, that all of the other therapists would readily avoid.

They didn’t want to work with her and would actively pass her off to anyone who would accept the session.

This wasn’t because she was rude. In fact, she was quite the opposite, soft spoken and always very polite.

They didn’t want to work with her because she carried such a low vibrational energy that it oozed outward and infiltrated their own.

By the end of their session, the therapist would go from feeling amazing, to feeling physically ill.

I am an innately curious person, and so against the advice of my colleagues, I accepted a session with this woman.

I wanted to see and feel what was happening to so many of my co-workers.

I mean, it couldn’t possibly be as bad as they were making it out to be, right?


From the moment the session began, I knew that the energy that I was working with, was vastly different than anything I had encountered, thus far.

She was unknowingly pouring this low vibrational energy outward, projecting it all around her.

It was so strong and overpowering that the chakras in my hands burned like fire when I touched her.

I began to experience hot flashes, headache and vertigo.

I was sure that I was going to have to end the session early.

But then I had a thought…

She’s here because she’s in pain.

She keeps returning because she’s asking for help in the only way that she knows how.

So, instead of cutting the session short, I took a deep breath and asked my higher self to show me how to help her.

I let my instinct and intuition take over.

I felt a mirror form between the two of us. As her energy moved through this mirror, it wasn’t reflected back to her, instead it accumulated there.

With every exhale I took, the energy that was collected within the mirror dropped heavily to the Earth.

Imagine that her energy was like water. This water was now being gathered and collected within a bucket, instead of dousing me. Every time the bucket got full, it tipped over and poured the contents down to the ground.

This allowed me the space that I needed to continue and allowed her a safe channel for her energy.

Before long, the woman began to sob.

I realized that as much as this mirror was helping me, it was helping her infinitely more.

My ability to hold space for her in this way, allowed her the opportunity to release the low vibrational energy that had been plaguing her, providing a doorway to ultimate healing.

When the session was over, she told me of deep trauma she had been carrying with her the majority of her life.

She said that our session had been the first time that she felt the weight of that trauma lift from her.

After that day, I began to pay very close attention to the vibrational quality of those that I interacted with on a daily basis.

I realized that my experience with that woman was an extreme example of the energetic communication that we have, with literally, every single person that we come into contact with every day.

Our reality is polarized. That means that our emotional range will, at some point, fluctuate from sorrow to bliss, not to mention every single emotion in between.

It’s quite normal to move in flux from one end of the spectrum to the other at different times in our lives.

This fact, coupled with the innate desire to connect with others, makes it nearly impossible to avoid interacting with people that are functioning from the lower end of the polarity scale.

This got me thinking…

If interacting with lower vibrations is unavoidable, how can I ensure that my vibration stays high when socializing with these people?

It comes down to four main branches of perception; how we recognize others energy, how we process it, how we react to it and how we allow it to affect us.

Let’s take a look at these in more detail:

  1. Recognizing How Low Vibration Feels: When I talk of feeling another person’s vibration, I’m talking about the energy that the person is giving off when you’re with them. Do they lift you up, making you feel lighter, happier, even more in love? Or do they make you feel tired, worn out, sad or depressed? People who are moving from a state of lower vibration are often the “downers” in the room. Life can be really hard and the vibration that a person embodies is a result of the experiences that they have had, what they believe in and what they think.

  2. Processing Vibration - Listen To Your Instincts: Depending on your own personal awareness, energy from another can be easily felt or sometimes it can be harder to identify. If you have an instant like or dislike towards another person, listen to that inner prompting. That is your higher self sending a clue, to let you know if that person is going to be energetically beneficial for you or not. If you move against your intuitive wisdom, over time you will begin notice your energy moving toward the lower vibrational end of the spectrum. Always follow your gut instincts!

  3. Reacting - Be Compassionate: It’s important to remember that everyone is on their own journey. You really don’t have any idea of what that person has been through. Even if they provide you with insight into their past, you will never fully understand because you didn’t embody that experience in the same way that they did. People only know, what they know. We can’t put blame on others simply because they are moving from a different space than we are. Show compassion to them, wherever they are on their journey. If someone is presenting you with anger or sadness, try to truly see where they are in that moment. Instead of mirroring their anger or sadness back to them, stand tall in your love and happiness. Let your higher vibrations be a light for them, so that they can see their way out of the sorrow and pain that they are in.

  4. Remember - You Have Control: As energetic beings ourselves, we will always be affected by the energy of those around us. But, we have the ability to determine by how much. You don’t have to allow another person’s negativity to influence you and once you have removed yourself from the interaction, you don’t have to carry their negativity any further.

If you find that you have taken on some of their negative, lower vibrational energy, remember that what you are feeling is a part of a polarity scale.

If you’re feeling down, there is an equal emotion on the opposite side of the spectrum that you can tap into.

You have the power to move from one end to the other. You can do this by doing what feels good, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up.

Tap into your creative energy and focus on the present moment.

Bring as much love to that moment as possible.

Before you know it, you’ll be back to enjoying the high vibrational energy that you’re used to.

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