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Harness the Power of the New Moon In Pisces

Molten magma is moving deep within the Earth’s crust, all around us.

It forcefully pushes against its surroundings, breaking it down.

Melting the rock.

Consuming it.

It works its way higher and higher, until finally, it breaks free.

Bursting through the Earth’s crust.


Exploding hot lava in a grand show of power and strength.

You can watch this spectacle on some of the Hawaiian Islands; it is utterly breathtaking.

But the most magnificent moment…is when that glowing red, liquefied rock, falls back into the sea.

Merging fire with the purifying essence of water.

Both equally powerful, but in opposing ways.

What happens when fire and water are brought together?

They change.

Cooling water and burning fire meet and together they create steam.

This is transformation in its most raw and humbling form.

And this is the energy that we are moving into.

On March 17th we enter the New Moon phase, kicking off a new lunar cycle in the watery and changeable sign of Pisces.

This cycle is going to be one of ultimate transformation.

Pisces is emotional and intuitive and one of the most fluid signs of the zodiac. It is the last sign of the astrological wheel and thus represents the ending of cycles.

This archetype holds true for this lunar phase.

As the Moon goes dark, her energy will stir within us the things that we’ve been working through since March of last year.

Those are the things that are finally ready to enter into this last transformation phase.

The primary aspects for this New Moon surround the masculine and forceful energy of fiery Mars.

Mars is square to the Moon, which means that the two planets are in a position of conflict. The red energy that Mars brings in, will feel unruly and expansive.

Assertive and dominating.

It’s going to be pushing us look at the areas of our lives that need to come to a close. It will do so in a way that feels urgent and forceful.

As we move into that fire energy, the watery Moon will begin to boil.

The Moon governs our emotions and how we react to outside stimulus. This means that, just like boiling water that bubbles and bursts…our emotions may feel more erratic. We may feel quick to “hot” emotions like anger, frustration and irritation.

But, Mars does have some redeeming qualities in this cycle and its position with Uranus and the dwarf planet Chiron pull those positive qualities out and channel them into a beneficial direction.

Mars is the planet that governs physical energy, Uranus that of change and individuality. Chiron is referred to as the “wounded healer” and brings forth an energy that drives us to heal past wounds that are holding us back from progressing forward.

Together they will be supporting us we look around at our life and not only recognize the areas that need to transform, but will spur us into taking action. To begin that process in a constructive and healthy way.

Over the next four weeks this energy is going to bring us new discovery and insight on what we need to do in order to heal those wounds.

This strong energy can go one of two ways, and how it affects you is held entirely in your perception.

If this fiery energy is met with resistance, it’s going to compound and feel extreme. Catastrophic or like you’re moving through a crisis.

If it’s met with an open mind and an open heart, we will be able to channel the power of Mars and use it to our advantage.

We can allow it to burn away our insecurities and foster an environment that fans the flame of our individuality and our unique genius.

Let it light the way as you break free of the old patterns and wounds that have been holding you back.

Let it transform you.

Let it inspire you.

#NewMoon #Astrology

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