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Harnessing the New Moon in Cancer

We are now solidly within Cancer season and tomorrow night the Moon, Cancer’s ruler, moves into the New phase.

Cancer is a flowing, feminine energy that can be nurturing and supportive.

It holds the archetypal energy of the Mother, the Healer, the Comforter and the Protector.

As we move through this watery season, think about these roles and how they’re represented within yourself.

How healthy are these aspects of your own personality?

Are these areas that hold wounding, emotional pain or mental constructs?

Are there limiting beliefs surrounding these archetypes that are ready to be seen and addressed?

If there’s likely that they’ll come into your awareness at some point over the next few weeks.

So pay attention.

Particularly within your relationships - personal and professional alike.

Our relationships often times work as mirrors, reflecting aspects of ourselves that are difficult to see on our own.

It’s not really about the other person, but what the interaction is telling you about yourself.

As you start to explore this energy, tap into it a little bit deeper.

You can do that by asking yourself questions like these:

Your internal Protector -

  • How are upholding your personal boundaries?

  • How are you keeping yourself safe?

  • Do you stand up for yourself when it’s needed and called for?

Your internal Healer -

  • Are you taking care of your physical body?

  • How is your physical/mental/emotional balance?

  • Is one area stronger or weaker than the others?

  • Is there something you need to be doing to tend to yourself more fully?

Your internal Comforter

  • Are there areas in life where you need to show more empathy or compassion for yourself?

  • How hard are you on yourself when things don’t go according to plan?

  • How can you apply these things in order to help you move forward on your path?

Remember that this energy is all about you, and no one else.

So... if you’re experiencing conflict, ask yourself what that situation has to show or teach you about your personality.

And if you’re not experiencing conflict, if everything is going your way, feel into that space and enjoy it!

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