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Hello, Mercury Retrograde!

"Do not fear Mercury in retrograde. Reflect, reconnect, renew." - Unknown

There is so much happening right now in the cosmos!

I bet you’re wondering why that matters and how it relates to you.

Let me assure you, as human beings on Earth, we are all affected in some way by the goings on of our solar system.

Having an understanding (even the faintest one) of the energy that’s moving through can only benefit you.

Right now, Mercury - the planet of cognition & communication - begins retracing its steps backwards through the zodiac.

This planet spends some time in Leo, but primarily transits through the emotional waters of Cancer, for this retrograde cycle.

Retrogrades occur when a planet is moving past the farthest point from the sun on its orbital trajectory, which is in this case, faster than Earth’s orbit.

The difference in speed between these two planets creates an optical illusion.

From our vantage point here on Earth, it seems that Mercury is moving backwards in space.

All planets go through a retrograde phase at some point, but Mercury’s is known for causing disarray; primarily in the realms that it governs – our thinking mind, communication and self-expression.

This cycle is about growth in our human experience and is intimately personalized.

Mercury Retrograde can show up in a million different ways for each of us, and that’s because this planet governs our primary cognitive input - process - output functions…

...and, to top it off, the energy that we’re moving through right now is hyper-focused on the emotional body.

Ok, but what does that mean in practical terms, right?

It means that the things we see, hear and feel are going to be less anchored in our logical mind and will be heavily influenced by our emotions.

I like to think of it this way:

The interactions and conversations that we have with people are going to be flavored by how healthy your emotions are.

So, if you’re in a good place emotionally, you may not experience Mercury’s effects that much.

But, if you have unresolved emotional wounding, it’s going to present itself through your interactions with others.

So, you can see how this may be viewed as difficult...especially if you’re not ready or prepared to confront emotional wounding that’s coming up.

This may not be a popular opinion (I swear I’m not crazy)...but I actually look forward to Mercury Retrogrades.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I skate through them pretty much unscathed, while other times they make me feel like I’ve been hit by a truck…

...but regardless of how intensely I feel the energy, Mercury Retrograde ALWAYS brings to my attention the things I need to see and that’s what’s important.

However this retrograde cycle affects you, try and look at what you’re experiencing with an objective mind.

Slow down.

Don’t make big, life changing decisions.

Try to put off any agreements or signing any contracts until the mind is working a little more clearly.

If you’re having important conversations with others, check in and make sure that you’re speaking from a grounded place and not from a heightened emotional state.

Allow yourself time to process and sort through your emotions before reacting or responding.

Most importantly, try to remember that Mercury is not out to get you, but here to serve you.

The Universe is unconditional love and the energy that showers onto us from the cosmos is always providing opportunity for expansion and growth.

The things that we’re feeling are coming to us for a reason, so pay attention.

Hold your experiences with loving compassion and utilize this precious time as an opportunity to grow.

Much love,


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