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Aries New Moon - Invoking Artemis

Welcome Warriors.

Heroes and Heroines of your unfolding life journey.

Bold Light Bearers who illuminate the world for all to see.

Welcome into the threshold of the Aries New Moon.

The first of the astrological new year.

An initiatory gateway that ushers us into the next turn of The Great Round.

The sacred spiralic pattern of our Earth, our Cosmos, our Life.

This Moon is marked by three distinct signatures:

The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron all in conjunction in Aries.

Mars, Saturn and Venus all in conjunction in Aquarius.

And Jupiter and Neptune in conjunction in Pisces.

To me the symbolism of this planetary alignment is whispering tales of the Virgin Goddess Artemis.

Eternal maiden, bold and brave warrior, whose mythos speaks to us of burning passion, fierce independence, of sisterhood and of intuition.

And whose story warns us of the pitfalls of arrogance, blinding competition and the loss and sorrow that comes from participating in those dynamics.

This fiery Moon is an offering.

Artemis is showing us how to live courageously in mind, body and spirit.

How to connect with our inner fires that ultimately fuel our will to triumph over the obstacles that life puts in our path.

To live with daring enthusiasm.

To pioneer a new way of life.

All the while deeply connecting with our holy intuition.

Allowing ourselves to find faith and meaning and discovery in the imaginal realms.

Can we partake of this offering without the fires of our passion destructively consuming us?

Can we venture into the boundless realm of Spirit to find meaning and faith without losing ourselves in the cause?

Can we hold our ideals in one hand and our flaws in the other without judgment?

This is where the work lies.

Here in the heart of Artemis - who burns in the hearts of all of us.

May we find vitality there.

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