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Into the Mercury Rx Portal We Go...

We have now crossed the threshold of this Mercury Rx portal.

I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know Mercury and learning about the mythology that is intertwined with this fascinating planet.

In Greek Mythology, Mercury was known as Hermes, psychopomp and Messenger to the Gods. He wore magical winged sandals known as the Talaria that allowed him to fly as swiftly as the fastest bird. He carried a staff in the shape of the Caduseus, with intertwining snakes wrapped around a shaft in the shape of a double helix. This staff was known to carry the traits of magic, alchemy and regeneration.

As Messenger, Mercury was the only God able to travel into any realm. He could fly up to the heavens, visit Earth and the human realm and also travel down into the Underworld.

Psychologically, Mercury represents our mental body, how we think, communicate and the ability for our mind to shape the world that we see into perception.

Just as Mercury the Messenger was able to travel to all realms, so too does our Mercurial function allow us the mental capacity to move information down from the superconscious, or up from the subconscious into a space of awareness.

This is why retrograde periods are so powerful.

This planet that typically moves so fast, has slowed way down. This provides us with the opportunity to receive the messages from our unconscious, or from the ethereal realms bringing these messages into our conscious awareness so that we may recognize them, work with them or integrate them into our life in some way.

And just like how the staff of Hermes held the capacity for alchemy and regeneration, when we consciously begin to work with our Mercurial energy and the messages that we’re being given, we begin to move through our own alchemical process of changing our perceptions.

This is a potent window into your psyche, where you have the opportunity to see what binds may be holding you back from a change in perspective that has the potential to transform the way you view the world around you.

This is the work of alchemy, my loves, and we are invited into this work now.

As always, I offer a free Mercury Rx guide to help you know what to focus on for the next 3 week period.

You can check it out here:

May the Messenger God be with you.

Blessings and big love.

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