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Pisces New Moon - Seeding Collective Change

Tomorrow we enter into the beginning of a new Lunar cycle, heralded by the Pisces New Moon. Pisces, as a sign of consciousness itself, is being amplified by Jupiter and Neptune. Two planets who are shepherding higher consciousness forward into the world.

Neptune by dissolving the boundaries that would separate humanity, inviting the collective consciousness of all sentient beings on this planet to unite as an undifferentiated whole. Jupiter infusing faith, optimism, compassion and grace into this cycle.

It feels to me like the Moon’s resonant waters have been struck with the vibration of holy sound, and now reverberate outward into the Cosmos, into the Earth and into all of us. Gently cleansing our weary souls with the energy of eternal love.

This Moon is an opportunity for us to seed change on this planet. To see where those points of separation are and to unify them through the unification of our hearts. We are stronger together and together we can insight change that will benefit the healing of humanity and our planet.

But in order for this to happen, the corruption on our planet must be flushed out of the shadows and brought into the light.

This is happening now and has been for some time. Pluto is overseeing this planetary purification. As I see it, Venus and Mars are stepping forward as guides as we collectively travel through Pluto’s Underworld.

Venus recently spent 40 days retrograde traveling over Pluto, a process many likened to Kore’s transformation into Persephone - Beloved Maiden into Goddess of the Underworld. Now, Venus is traveling back up to the surface, forever changed.

She is now activating how we relate to one another, how we love one another, what our values are now after the experiences that we’ve lived through and are living through now. How have these worldly experiences changed our hearts and how we relate to one another?

Mars, her beloved guardian. The warrior planet is infusing vitality and energy into our experiences. Will we utilize this powerfully active energy to fight for each other and against injustices?

The choice lies in our hands and is a decision we all make every single day. Do we choose love? Compassion? Forgiveness? Do we choose to do better than we did yesterday? To think of not only ourselves, our family, our kin - but can we extend our hearts to encompass others as well? Our community? All of humanity?

We have a beautiful opportunity during this New Moon to become clear on what our values are. To connect those values with the ideals we wish to live by and to work toward embodying them each day moving forward.

As we grow, we grow together.

We change together.

And we work toward leaving this planet a better place than we were born into.

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