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The Ethical Use of Astrology

Recently I heard someone say that they were hiring for an assistant position within their company. They requested that potential applicants submit their astrology chart so that the hiring personnel could determine if that person would be a good fit or not. Who they hired would be based on their astrology.

To be candid, I do not know this person nor their company or how they are choosing to actually use astrology during their hiring process. However, this concept did stir up many emotions from the depths of my soul and I can’t stop thinking about the ethical obligation one must have when using someone’s natal astrology to make decisions like this.

Astrology is a symbolic language of energy and matter.

When you know how to read these symbols and interpret them - which in it’s own right is subjective - you open a doorway into the vast realm of someone’s psyche. The core foundation of what makes them human in this lifetime. It gives the reader a glimpse into not only basic energy patterns, but intimate details about the possibility of one’s life: Childhood conditions, relationship dynamics, possible trauma, self worth issues, how they handle finances, how they love, how they fight, if they’re prone to good or bad health, the direction of their life purpose…a natal chart will literally tell you everything about someone’s past and future potential experiences.

Think about that for a moment.

Your natal astrology is a map of your life. Your past, present and future and all of the complexities that comes with that life.

It is your story written in symbols.

What an incredibly intimate thing to share with someone.

The thing that must never be forgotten - even for a moment - is that humans are fluid and we have the capability to live life with free will and choice. This means that our natal astrology is not a map written in stone - it is just as fluid as we are. The symbols of our energy and matter have the ability to shift and change in meaning as we shift and change through experiential growth. This means that every placement, every aspect within your natal astrology lives within a fluid spectrum of possibility.

How would a potential employer know where your consciousness is at, within that fluid spectrum?

Aside from the interview process including several intimate conversations and chart readings, I can’t think of a way that it would be possible. Without that, decisions are being made on assumption and potentially judgment.

For example, let’s say that an applicant has Mars in Aries. It’s possible that this person is incredibly driven, a self starter or an independent worker. It’s also possible that they may have anger issues, they could be immature, or they may not follow orders or take direction well. One of these expressions is much more desirable for an employer than the other. But if they’re only looking at “Mars in Aries” how would they truly know how that energy is manifesting in that person, at this exact moment in their life?

One could argue that even with a resume alone, an employer is still basing their decision on the assumption that the highlights the interviewee chose to write down are indeed accurate. That perhaps, either way it’s an energetic compatibility guessing game. But, the difference to me, is that when one creates a resume or interviews for a job, they aren’t required to divulge their entire life history, including incredibly intimate details about their psyche.

So we come back to the initial question: Is it ethical to ask for someone’s natal astrology during the hiring process?

Honestly, I don’t have the answer.

I suppose it depends on how the employer is choosing to use the information and their level of consciousness. I can see how the information may be beneficial in crafting pointed interview questions, or in helping to work through potential problems if the person was hired. But, it feels like a very slippery slope to me.

I believe that any practitioner of the Astrological Sciences must approach the use of their ability to read and interpret these symbols with utmost integrity and compassion. You have to be able to check your ego at the door and release any judgmental pretenses.

Charts have to be read with delicacy and from a heart centered space - precisely because there is no way to know where on that fluid spectrum one is at. Or, what they’re conscious of and what’s reverberating deep down in their subconscious.

As a practitioner of Astrology, it’s an interesting thing for me to think about.

As a patron of Astrology, it’s perhaps something you may wish to think about too.

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